People with COVID-19 may be infectious days before symptoms: study
PESHAWAR: People infected with the new coronavirus may start spreading the virus several days before they have any noticeable symptoms, according to a new modelling study published Wednesday.
The study comes as nations have broadened restrictions aimed at curbing the epidemic, amid concerns over patients who may be infectious despite not showing signs of ill health.
The findings challenge key assumptions behind measures put in place to stop the spread of the pandemic, such as tracing contacts of an infected person only as far back as the time at which they began to show symptoms.
Experts have long conjectured that some people who do not even know they are infected may transmit the virus.
But the new study suggests that even those who get visibly sick may be highly infectious before the onset of symptoms.
"More inclusive criteria for contact tracing to capture potential transmission events two to three days before symptom onset should be urgently considered for effective control of the outbreak," the authors said in the paper published in Nature Medicine. - AFP