CDA approves multiple new measures for public facilitation
ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved multiple new measures for public facilitation, include fixation of time lines for processing cases related to approval of building plans, issuance of NDCs and NOCs for property transfer, lease extension, building completion certificates etcetera.
The measures have been taken for the first time in history of CDA to provide maximum facilitation to general public through introduction of board approved timelines at One Window Operations Directorate.
On directions of the chairman, the CDA is in process to provide online services to its clients on doorsteps and a system in this regard is being finalized in collaboration with NADRA, which should become functional within a few weeks.
Member admin and finance, member planning and design and member estate CDA held a press briefing on directions of CDA chairman here at the Convention Centre to inform the media about new developments.
Members of CDA Board informed the media persons that according to newly approved procedures, the cases for lease extension regarding Industrial agro, commercial, institutional, hospital, schools plots will be completed within five days.
Cases for transfer of properties situated in the settled sectors will be completed within 10 working days form the date of submission of request at One Window Directorate. Transfer of property in the affected sectors will be completed in 28 working days. According to new measures, the NOC from revenue directorate, earlier required for transfer of property, will be no more required as last paid tax and other dues certificate/ bill will be considered enough.
The cases for bifurcation of residential and commercial plots will be completed within 17 working days while cases for bifurcation and amalgamation of industrial plots will be completed within 18 working days.
During the briefing, it was further informed that cases for trade change of industrial plot will be completed within 17 days.
While briefing the media, it was also informed that procedures pertaining to Building Control Directorate will also be timeline based.
In this connection, approval of building plans of residential houses will be accorded in 11 working days, however, in case of any observation, applicant will be conveyed within seven days.
Similarly, building plans of small buildings including Class-III shopping centers, industrial buildings and Agro Farms etcetera, where design vetting committee is not involved, will be finalized in 16 working days.
Furthermore, according to new reforms introduced, it meeting of Design Vetting Committee will be held twice a month for approval of building plans of mega projects in the commercial centers. - APP