Hearing in ephedrine quota case adjourned
ISLAMABAD: A court in Islamabad on Thursday adjourned the hearing in illegal allocation of ephedrine against the quota case till May 6.
The hearing was adjourned by the duty judge Muhammad Bashir without any further proceedings.
The case was being tried in a special narcotics control court against Ali Musa Gillani, son of former Premier Yusuf Raza Gillani and others who allegedly allocated 6500 kg and 2500 kg of ephedrine to Berlex Labs International, Multan and Danas Pharma (pvt) Ltd, Islamabad, respectively in 2010-11 for export to Iran and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, 20 other companies were waiting for allocation of a 5,710kg quota.
The accused managed to convert the allotment of drugs intended for export into local use with the help of health ministry staff and under alleged political pressure from Ali Musa Gilani and Mian Abdul Sattar.
The allocation amounts were in violation of a UN convention that set the export quota for Iraq at 3,000kg and Afghanistan at 50kg. - APP