Ronaldinho enjoys ‘golden cell’ in locked-down Paraguay capital
Asuncion: With Paraguay's capital in lockdown, former Brazil soccer star Ronaldinho is spending his second week under house arrest in an exclusive hotel in Asuncion, where a ballroom has been set up to allow him to keep us his soccer skills, as he awaits trial for entering the country under a false passport. The 40-year-old World Cup winner and his business-manager brother Roberto are occupying two $350-a-night suites at the otherwise deserted Colonial-style Palmaroga hotel, just a couple of blocks from the government headquarters.
"Yesterday they brought him a regulation football. We set up a room -- about 30 meters by 15 - for him to be able to practice his juggling skills," hotel manager Emilio Yegros told AFP. "He seems like a good sort. He always has a smile, like his brother," said Yegros. "His face has changed from his first day here. When he arrived he was tense and visibly stressed," the hotel manager said.
The former Barcelona star spends his days working out in the hotel gym, practicing his legendary juggling skills with the ball, and wandering the echoing halls of the 6,000 square-meter building, refurbished in 2019. - AFP