KMU conducts record 426 COVID-19 tests :Jhagra
PESHAWAR: Health Minister Taimur Khan Jhagra on Friday said that Khyber Medical University (KMU) has conducted a record 426 tests on April 16 overall 560 tests across the province.
The minister said that number of tests is more than double as compared to last week's average.
"We have launched rapid response force ( RFP) to use private sector at scale, and many of our labs (HMC, DIK, Swat) are waiting NIH approval to ramp up testing at scale. Our target, 2000+ tests by early May", the minister updated on his official tweet.
He said that government focused on scaling up of testing capacity in KP.
"Our testing rate has doubled this week to between 550-600/day; and we are expanding testing in at least 8 labs. But we want credible private sector labs to help raise this massively", he added. - APP