PUC: Responsibility rests with public to ensure preventive measures while visiting mosques during Ramazan
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) has announced to support and endorse the declaration agreed between the government and Ulema on proposed strategy for prayers inside mosques during the holy month of Ramazan.
Leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council stated that conditional permission for saying prayers in mosques during the holy month of Ramazan in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic is very hopeful and now responsibility rests with the public to seek preventive measures against Coronavirus.
Irresponsible conduct amidst prevailing Coronavirus lockdown from public could possibly led to lockdown of mosques, said a press release.
In a joint statement, leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council stated that amidst prevailing lockdown scenario, COVID-19 rising alarmingly and to contain this pandemic, public should ensure social distancing to ensure safety of one another against this pandemic.
Leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council also underlined that Darul Afta Pakistan and Pakistan Ulema Council has been voicing for the preventive measures against Coronavirus pandemic and all these preventive measures are being agreed upon to keep open mosques during the month of Ramazan.
Among suggestions as proposed by Pakistan Ulema Council for mosques during Coronavirus lockdown, it was also suggested that prayers and Azan from mosques should not be halted completely and faithful visiting mosques should observe complete preventive measures by ensuring proper distancing and spacing among prayers lines.
With support of public administration and police effective preventive measures should be observed for mosques as well as for visiting numbers of faithful for prayers inside mosques.
Faithful for prayers during the month of Ramazan can visit only for Farz prayer and they have to come to mosques by making ablution at home.
It has also been decided that Prayers inside mosques will be held in open spaces of the mosque on floor.
It has been also decided that Iftar-Sehar arrangements will not be made inside mosques as per declaration between the government and Ulema.
Mosque administrators will be responsible to fulfill arrangements with support of respective government administration.
Leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council also thanked the government as well as leading religious scholars of the country for taking proposals on board for unanimous declaration for prayers inside mosques during the month of Ramazan. - APP