UK announces £2.67m package for Pakistan to combat virus
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: The British government on Saturday announced a £2.67 million package for Pakistan to combat the novel coronavirus that has taken over 150,000 lives across the globe.
Pakistan has recorded over 140 deaths but experts have voiced fear that the country of 215 million people could see a rapid and devastating increase due to its shortage of medical infrastructure and crowded cities.
British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr Christian Turner, in a video message on Twitter, said: "Today the UK is announcing health support of £2.67 million to Pakistan, to detect the virus, protect communities, and assist the most affected."
"This is an extraordinary situation as millions have been affected by coronavirus," he said.
The British envoy noted that the people around the world have changed their behaviours and conduct due to the virus — social distancing and precautionary measures.
"We are also repurposing DFID's(Department for International Development) work in Pakistan to help the most vulnerable," he said.