KUJ takes exception to blanket ban on pillion riding in Karachi
KARACHI: Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) has regretted withdrawal of exemption, previously granted to journalists and media workers, with regard to ban imposed on pillion riding in Karachi.
KUJ President Ashraf Khan and its General Secretary, Ahmad Malik along with other elected office bearers of the organization in a joint statement here Sunday said the workers already exposed to extremely difficult condition, due to non payment of their salaries and regular cuts in their allowances, for months have now been subjected to a new problem with dire impact on their pockets.
This, they said was besides the fact that it would also affect their performance and hinder due realization of their professional obligations.
It was reminded that even under much severe and serious circumstances, when curfew had to be imposed in the port city, journalists and those associated with newspapers and TV channels were never brought under such restrictions.
KUJ office bearers have urged the Sindh Government to review this decision of their blanket ban on pillion riding with due consideration that journalists are among the most conscientious sections of the society.
The Sindh home department has imposed a blanket ban on pillion riding in Karachi.
It has withdrawn all exemptions previously given, according to a notification it issued late Saturday, a private news channel reported.
Journalists, policemen, women, children and elderly citizens were previously exempted from the ban.
Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon directed the police ensure strict imposition of the ban.
He warned of action against the ones violating it. - APP