CRM for strengthening of children protection system
PESHAWAR: The Child Rights Movement (CRM) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa called for strengthening of child protection system under KP Child Protection and Welfare Act 2010 to curb the growing incident of children molestation in the province.
CRM, a non-governmental organization, is a coalition of over 50 civil society organizations working for protection and promotion of child rights across the province.
Khursheed Bano, Coordinator CRM said unfortunately civil society keeps highlighting issues of child abuse and molestation, adding that CRM strongly condemns the phenomena of child abuse and demanded for a strengthen child protection system.
Muhammad Ayub from Blue Veins organization said that child protection systems are made up of a set of components that if properly coordinated, can work together to strengthen the protective environment around each child.
Ayub further said that there is a need that the KP government should ensure strengthening of KP Child Protection Commission, allocate enough funds to establish child protection units and child protection courts in all the 35 districts.
Imran Takkar of Group Development Pakistan said that the KP Child Protection and Welfare Act 2010 is a comprehensive law, while under the said law a commission has also been established but according to the law regular quarterly meetings of the commission is not taking place.
He further emphasized that parents and community at large should be more aware that sexual abuse is a reality that their child is not safe anywhere at any time.
He said that there is a dire need of working with civil society, media and other stakeholders on priority basis to prevent the issue.
Imran called for joining hands by the government and civil society to create extensive awareness among the key stakeholder’s children, parents and teachers.
He said material about how to protect oneself from abuse should be included in the curriculum in a culturally sensitive manner. Similarly, school can play a major role in spreading awareness as well keeping in view preventing the issue of child sexual abuse. - APP