US lawmakers express concern on atrocities in IoK, say Congress to do ‘own investigation’
Monitoring Report
WASHINGTON: US Congress lawmakers expressed profound concern on the ongoing human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.
Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee Eliot Engel spoke to Geo News, where he called the human rights abuses quite ‘troubling’, adding that the US Congress will conduct its own ‘investigation and fact-finding’.
“There are things happening in Kashmir that are very troubling, they are troubling me, to my colleagues and people here,” said the US lawmaker.
Congressman Engel said that the issue primarily should be dealt under the Foreign Affairs Committee, and it will have a hearing on the difficulties of Kashmiris.
“We don’t think we can turn our heads and pretend it is not happening, it cannot be swept under the rug,” said the US lawmaker.
He added that the Congress plays a very important role certainly in war and peace, and likewise in human rights violations, expressing hope that a lot of things will be done in US President Donald Trump’s administration. Chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia, Ami Bera also spoke on the subject of ongoing atrocities against Kashmiris, saying that he will personally attempt to visit the occupied valley to ascertain the situation.