Democrats need a consensus candidate to take on Trump
With the way the Democratic race is being run in early caucuses in the US, the party's candidates are certain to burn out before they throw up a contender to take on Donald Trump in the November presidential elections. The path taken is akin to political harakiri if what happened in Iowa is an indication of what is to come. Candidates are busy bleeding each other out as Trump gleefully watches them tire before the big event. It doesn't help that the Iowa caucus to find someone of stature for the elections against Trump has come under a cloud of suspicion with no clear winner emerging so far. Some blamed it on a technical glitch but questions are being raised on whether it was meant to ensure some candidates lose. Was the system rigged? It happened in 2016 when Bernie Sanders suddenly dropped out of the race to make way for Hillary Clinton, hence it is pertinent to ask questions to the Democrats who consider themselves holier-than-thou than the Grand Old Party of conservatives. The focus has been on Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren but Pete Buttigieg, surprisingly, has emerged as the dark horse in the early stages of the race with a decent showing that puts him just ahead of old warhorse Sanders. Sanders, however, remains the best hope against Trump. He might be a socialist but has greater moral clout than Elizabeth Warren who is a far leftist and may not be acceptable to the centrists. Meanwhile, the president appears eager and ready for the contest and has already sprung into campaign mode.
Even his State of the Union speech was meant for his support base and was less about the contenders from the opposite camp who still don't know where they are placed or whether they will make it and when. The sooner they decide on a candidate, the better their chances of winning against Trump. The impeachment trial has done little to boost the Democratic chances. Confusion and chaos in the Dem ranks will hurt and haunt them. A winner is expected to emerge in July after primaries and caucuses that will drain the party faithfuls, candidates, and their coffers. A consensus candidate is what the party needs, and soon. The rank and file must unite behind him or her. The Democrats must remember 2016. A repeat will mean they hand a second term to Trump on a platter.