Residents ‘shocked’ as alcohol flows through water taps
Monitoring Report
Thrissur, Kerala: To have booze flowing when you turn on the tap might be an Epicurean’s dream but it turned out be a rather rude shock for one-and-a-half dozen families residing in India’s coastal state of Kerala.
According to Khaleej Times, the residents of Solomon’s Avenue Flat in Chalakkudy, Thrissur, found a foul-smelling mixture of water and alcohol coming out of their taps last week.
An Indian digital platform, The News Minute, reported that investigation into the cause of the free-flowing alcohol found that excise officials had disposed of some 6,000 litres of beer and spirits into a pit next to the apartment’s well.
The soil wall separating the two had dissolved, resulting in the booze entering the water system. Some 20,000 litres of fresh water were spoiled as a result.
The report added that following the episode, 5,000 litres of drinking water was supplied in tankers to the apartment to assist the families residing there.