150 transit vehicles per day to cross Torkham border to Afghanistan: DPO Khyber
PESHAWAR: In a joint meeting of Khyber District Customs, NIC, FC and police officials held at Pak-Afghan border Torkham, it was decided to allow 150 transit vehicles per day to cross the border.
The decision was taken keeping in view the plight of traders and transporters, the authorities agreed to increase the clearance of 100 transit vehicles per day through the Torkham Border crossing to 150.
After the joint meeting, a delegation of transporters also called on District Police Officer Khyber Dr Muhammad Iqbal. During the meeting, the DPO was apprised of the difficulties faced by the transporters.
Dr Muhammad Iqbal said that the policy has been formulated as per the orders of the provincial government due to coronavirus. “We are well aware of the problems and difficulties of transporters and traders, however, to solve the problems of transporters, we will work with the agencies and authorities to find a reasonable solution,” Dr Muhammad Iqbal said.
He assured the transporters and traders that departmental action would be taken against policemen involved in unnecessarily harassing freight vehicles heading to Afghanistan on the Pak-Afghan Highway and Torkham Border.
Khyber police were there day and night to serve the transporters, he added.
The DPO said that the number of 100 transit vehicles has been increased to 150 on a daily basis by the provincial government. Now it was up to the drives, traders, and transit vehicle owners to proceed towards Torkham border on their turn and assured the transporters that no one would be abused by the police.
“We will provide all possible facilities to the transporters going to Afghanistan via Torkham border,” he said, adding that their doors are open for the transporters. - APP