‘Some Pakistan players find it difficult to accept retirement’
LAHORE: Former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal believes some ex-cricketers are digging up the past and making fixing accusations because they miss the spotlight and want to promote themselves.
While speaking in an interview with Telegraph India, Iqbal advised former Pakistan cricketers to refrain from indulging in unnecessary mudslinging.
“Cricketers are like celebrities, they always want to be in the news. They relish it and hence find it difficult to accept retirement. It suddenly takes the spotlight out of him,” said Iqbal. “I wouldn’t like to take names but most of them have suddenly found an outlet in television and YouTube channels to promote themselves. But this is an exercise in futility. In fact this is a crime because a commission had been set up more than a decade back to investigate various [fixing] accusations and those responsible have been punished.”
The 76-year-old also explained why Pakistan cricket often finds itself surrounded by controversies.
“The reason is there are too many individuals involved who think they are above the game. This despite cricket being a team game. Everyone wants to be a captain or loves to stay in focus. Others who fail to do so try to find a way out and attract attention,” he added.
Iqbal has high hopes from the young generation of Pakistan cricketers and wants them to succeed.
“Youngsters in Pakistan team are talented and willing to work hard. Look at Azhar Ali or Babar Azam for that matter. The important thing is they must have the talent to back their hard work. They are putting in the hard yards and God willing they will achieve success,” he concluded. - Agencies