Brazil health minister resigns amid coronavirus crisis
Brasília: Brazilian Health Minister Nelson Teich resigned Friday over what a ministry official said was "incompatibility" with President Jair Bolsonaro's approach to fighting the country's spiralling coronavirus crisis.
Teich, a 62-year-old oncologist, served in the far-right president's cabinet for less than a month.
His predecessor, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, resigned on April 16, also after clashing with Bolsonaro, a vocal critic of the stay-at-home measures Mandetta recommended to contain the virus. Teich and Bolsonaro reportedly disagreed over using chloroquine to treat the new coronavirus. Bolsonaro touts the drug as a promising treatment, despite studies casting doubt on its effectiveness and raising concerns about its safety. The ministry announced Teich's resignation in a brief statement, saying a press conference would be held later. The news drew anti-Bolsonaro protests. In Rio de Janeiro, residents banged pots and pans out their windows, shouting "Get out, Bolsonaro!" - AFP