CM Punjab urges citizens to follow govt directives against virus threat
Statesman Report
LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar urged citizens to follow the Standard Operating Procedures laid out by the government in order to remain safe from the coronavirus.
The CM said that the decision to ease the lockdown came keeping in view the difficulties faced by a common man.
He said that the threat of the virus is still present, therefore, public needs to remain cautious and show responsibility.
Buzdar said that action would be taken against those violating the SOPs, adding that the government is vigilant regarding the situation arising out of the virus outbreak.
The chief minister explained that the Punjab government adopted a multilateral approach to the tackle the situation.
He added that if people stay at homes then the chances of spread of the virus will lessen, adding that protection lies in following the social distancing policy.
A day ago, the Punjab government decided in principle to allow public transport to resume.
Punjab finalised the SOPs in a meeting with the transport association, with the latter’s representative agreeing to reduce the fares on the back of a steep decline in petroleum prices.
It was decided that the passengers would be obligated to wear face masks and maintain a distance of three feet during travel. Transporters were also bound to check the temperature of everyone travelling and avoid overloading their vehicles.
‘Will have to be more careful than before’
Provincial Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid presided over a session Saturday, where she said that ending the lockdown does not mean that the virus threat has ended.
She said that the cases in Punjab are increasing, which is why the government is comprehensively noting the medical arrangements across the province.
Rashid said that the government is utilising all the resources to ensure adequate medical facilities are being provided to the people.
Punjab Health Secretary Nabeel Ahmed also briefed the session regarding the measures put in place against the virus outbreak.
Punjab currently has more than 14,000 cases of infection and reported more than 240 deaths.