Govt to challenge release of convict involved in child pornography
ISLAMABAD: A spokesperson for the office of the Attorney General for Pakistan has stated that the Federal Government was in the process of challenging the order reportedly passed by the Lahore High Court on May 14 for release of Sadaat Amin who was convicted and sentenced to seven years imprisonment for his involvement as a member of international racket of child pornography.
According to a press release issued by the AGP office stated that while the order of his release was reported in the media but so far, no formal order of the Lahore High Court for his release has been issued. On the contrary a notice has been received from the Assistant Registrar of the Lahore High Court Saturday whereby the case has once again been fixed for hearing on May 19 before the Lahore High Court.
In view of the above, it appears that there is no order in field for release of Sadaat Amin, spokesperson said and added that on May 19, when the case would be heard by the Lahore High Court again, the Federal Government would vehemently oppose his release as he has been convicted for committing a most heinous offence. - APP