Newspapers hawkers appeal to govt for relief package
PESHAWAR: Dozens of newspaper vendors (Hawkers) across the Swabi district have been facing unemployment due to the coronavirus lockdown.
The Swabi District Newspaper Vendors' Union in a joint statement said that due to the pandemic of coronavirus, businesses had been disrupted and the newspaper vendors had become unemployed.
"The newspapers hawkers are starving and there is a situation of starvation in their homes as well", it added.
“If this situation continues the hawkers will face more hardship. All newspapers owners and the government should announce special financial aid packages for each newspaper vendor to save them from the menace of unemployment and hunger," the statement said.
The aid should be delivered to the homes of those involved in the newspaper business as soon as possible, it said, adding that the government should not be limited to mere announcements, but also made arrangements to provide financial assistance to the unemployed on a daily basis.
They appealed to the government and the owners of newspapers and all the editors to come forward and rescue them in this hours of need and announce a relief package to help newspaper vendors. - APP