Pak-Turk Marrif Int’l School and Colleges to start online education from first week of June
ISLAMABAD: Like other educational institutions, the Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools and Colleges will also start online education from the first week of June 2020 in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.
Necessary infrastructure was set in a very short time during the lockdown situation, and during April and May, it introduced a rich learning environment with much more exibility than a traditional classroom, which again was delivered in a more and inclusive framework with an increase in the number of lessons and live sessions, according to a press release.
Blackboard Open LMS™ / TMF Rooms, one of its kind in Pakistan, is the interface that is used and Pak-Turk Maarif’s first phase of distance education facility has not only been accepted easily by the students, but their participation and response prove the success of the unique procedure.
The selected medium for the distant learning of students is very beneficial for them in many ways. Firstly as it did not bound them for a rigid schedule, that is why it has been the learner-centered method of learning, thus students are taking the responsibility of their learning at their own pace and comfort.
"During these online lessons, we are making an effort to meet the initial objectives of core subjects. Therefore, students are exposed to develop some essential basic skills and concepts," the press release said. The sole purpose of the lessons was to develop learning behaviour in the new normal.
To continue and reinforce learning as an independent learner, the press release said the students were taking reinforcement assessments by the end of the online learning session. The approach of the assessments were not testing students but a practical method of systematic assessment of students for correct responses, motivation, and as well as yielding expected improvements through support.
"Contributed by the efforts of around 1000 teachers from all over Pakistan, Pak-Turk Maarif International’s revolutionary education system is benefiting around 11000 students across the country. The total number of video lessons have reached a figure of 548 that makes around 109 hours of recording in total," the press release said. - APP