Motorbike, three wheeler sales fall by 20.59% in 10 months
ISLAMABAD: The sale of motorbikes and three wheelers witnessed a decrease of 20.59 percent during the first ten months of ongoing fiscal year (2019-20) as compared to the corresponding period of last year.
During the period under review, as many as 1,183,535 motorbikes and three wheelers were sold in July-April (2019-20) against the sale of 1,490,447 units in July-April (2018-19), showing a negative growth of 20.59 percent, according to latest data of Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA).
The sale of Honda motorcycles went down by 16.91 percent from 928,931 units in last year to 771,757 units during current year whereas the sale of Suzuki motorcycles also dipped by 20.49 percent from 19,669 units to 15,637 units.
Similarly, the sale of Yamaha motorbikes also went down from 19,999 units to 18,142, witnessing a decrease of 9.28 percent while the sale of Ravi motorbikes witnessed a sharp decline of 51.27 percent from 21,596 units to 10,522 units during the period under review.
The sales of United Auto motorcycles decreased by 21.41 percent from 308,432 units to 242,387 units while the sales of Road Prince motorcycles decreased by 32.67 percent from 136,057 units to 91,595 units.
Meanwhile, the sale of Road Prince three wheelers witnessed a decrease of 20.94 percent from 9,913 units in last year to 7,837 units in the same month of the current year while the sale of Sazgar three wheeler also decreased by 29.39 percent from 13,455 units to 9,500 units.
The sale of Qingqi three wheelers has shown a decrease of 43.98 percent by going down from 18,883 units to 10,577 units whereas the sale of United Auto three wheelers dropped by 53.26 percent from 10,165 units to 4,751 units, the data revealed. - APP