COVID-19, financial crisis
Red Crescent hospital suspends services of cardiac ward
HYDERABAD: The management of Hilal-e-Ahmer (Sindh) has decided to suspend services of male and female wards of cardiac hospital Hyderabad due to COVID-19 threat and financial crisis.
The special Committee of Red Crescent Hyderabad has taken this decision after unfortunate incident of deaths of one doctor and an employee due to COVID-19 and declining high number of patients after outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.
The services both wards of cardiac hospital will remain suspended from May 18 for time being while emergency and diagnostic services will remain functional as usual.
In an office order, Red Crescent's provincial secretary Kanwar Waseem has advised the staff of both the wards to go on leave without pay for time being for which a separate order will be issued soon.
The Red Crescent also decided to pay 15 days salary for the month of May, 2020 to staff of both the wards, the order reads.
However, the job of all staff (sent on leave without pay) will remain intact and whenever these wards will be reactivated they would be called for duty, order said and advised the staff to join or work somewhere for their livelihood till restoration of service of hospital. - APP