Capital markets teem with customers as lockdown restrictions eased
ISLAMABAD: As the lockdown has been eased, a number of people thronged the nearby shops and markets for Eid shopping with massive traffic jams on the roads of capital city where mehndi, shoes and clothing industries were getting huge orders to fulfil the needs of shopkeepers.
The sale of variety of shoes, garments, bangles, jewellery and mehndi has increased manifold in the capital markets where great of rush of buyers were witnessed ahead of Eidul Fitr celebrations soon after ease in the lockdown by the authorities.
Market vendors and industry workers while talking to APP have expressed happiness and welcomed the resumption of business that would facilitate economic revival and ensure livelihoods of many people.
They also expressed satisfaction over the sale of the Eid clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other goods and hoped that the sales would continue till the night before the Eid-ul-Fitr day.
Braving the heat, hawkers were also doing brisk sale of clothes, footwear, imitation ornaments and cosmetics and other goods as these products are generally purchased by low-income people ahead of Eid, said a vendor Amjad Zohaib.
“We are facing huge rush of shoppers where women shoppers are more in number and children’s products are also in high demand, said a shopkeeper in Karachi Company.
Most people were making huge purchases of all products, including garments, cosmetics, shoes and some of them were spending lavishly, said another shopkeeper Ali Hamad.
We opened our shops after almost two months and I am almost bankrupt and owe workers their salaries," said a garment shop owner in F10 Markaz.
On the other hand, citizens also expressed happiness and advised that people should celebrate their Eid in a unique way this year and they should adopt all precautionary measures while shopping in markets.
Huma Sohail, a mother said Islamic festival of Eid is approaching fast and we have to buy new garments for our children. It's the responsibility of people to comply with rules and wear safety gear.” - APP