Xi replies to letter from Pakistani students studying in Beijing
BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping extended welcome to excellent youth from all countries in the world to study in China in his reply to a letter from all Pakistani students studying in the University of Science and Technology Beijing,
On July 17, Chinese President replied to a letter from Pakistani students studying in the University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian said during his regular briefing held here on Monday.
Giving the details of the letter, he informed that in his letter, President Xi said that he was glad to know that after coming to China, the foreign students not only made progress in their studies but also made friends
These students had all experience that after Covid-19 broke out, the Chinese government and schools took complete care about life and health of foreign students in China and offered all kinds of assistance.
“We always put life first whether it is Chinese or foreigners in China and we will sure that all foreign students receive care and support,” he added.
President Xi appreciated the foreign students who had worked to look after the Chinese people during the epidemic and said, “China will continue to provide assistance to foreign students and we will welcome the foreigners to China to pursue their studies.”
President Xi encouraged the students to communicate more with their Chinese peers and join hands with youth from all countries to contribute to promoting people-to-people connectivity and building a community with a shared future for humanity.
There are currently 52 Pakistani students studying at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing and 49 of them are pursuing PhD or post-graduate degrees.
In total, over 28,000 Pakistani students are currently studying in China and out of them, around, 6,156 Pakistani students are studying in PhD, 3,600 in Masters, 11,100 in Bachelors and 3,000 in Short Term Exchange Programs across China.
Pakistani students are also studying Chinese language, engineering, medical, computer science and various other fields.
Earlier, the students wrote a letter to Xi expressing gratitude for the support and help they've received from the university. They said they wish to devote themselves to the construction of the Belt and Road after graduation and contribute to the Pakistan-China friendship. - APP