Shortage of cars parking irks Eid shoppers
PESHAWAR: The shortage of car parking facilities in most of shopping markets in cantonment and city irked Eid shoppers on Monday.
As less than a week left in Eidul Fitr celebrations, Eid shoppers have started arriving to shopping markets in city, cantonment and university road in large numbers by parking their vehicles mostly on roadsides due to lack of parking space, which were causing traffic jam.
The easing of lockdown restrictions and allowing of passengers transport by KP Government have helped Eid shoppers of other districts to visit major shopping centers in Qisakhwani, cantonment, Tehkal, Jehangirabad and University Road in Peshawar to select appropriate garments including readymade clothes and footwear besides other necessary items at affordable prices, which are putting extra pressure on the existing cars parking facilities here.
As result, majority of shoppers were seen parking their vehicles on main roads in front of shopping centers and arcades, resulting in massive traffic jams during afternoon in Peshawar.
The problem of cars parking is one of the great challenges for police and district administration as the number of vehicles is increasing in Peshawar during last days of Ramadan. - APP