Court rejects three pleas related to Rana Sanaullah drug trafficking case
Statesman Report
LAHORE: The Special Court, hearing the drug trafficking case against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz senior leader Rana Sanaullah, turned down three pleas in relation to the investigation in the case on Saturday.
The special court for the Control of Narcotics Substances under judge Shakir Hasan heard the case Saturday.
The court dismissed three pleas seeking access to footage, daily hearing of case, and handing over of Rana Sanaullah’s vehicle.
The plea requesting daily hearing of the case was submitted by the prosecutor.
Rana Sanaullah’s lawyers had requested access to footage as per the statement of Minister of State for Narcotics Control Shehryar Afridi related to footage, which the court also turned down.
Sanaullah’s lawyers requested the court to adjourn the hearing for a month, following which prosecution stated that the PML-N leader has alleged that delaying tactics are being used, hence, the trial should be expedited.
The court has summoned Sanaullah on the next hearing for indictment, adjourning the case until March 7.
Rana Sanaullah spoke to media after the case’s hearing, where he said that he will completely defend himself in the case to get justice.
He said that his team of lawyers is actively seeking access to the footage as claimed by Shehryar Afridi.