Efforts afoot to introduce fuel conforming latest vehicles, tackle environmental issues
ISLAMABAD: Cognizant of the modern time’s needs and environmental issues, the government has started working on a strategy to introduce fuel conforming latest vehicles and tackle environmental issues like smog and air pollution.
Under the Prime Minister directives, the Petroleum Division was in the process of devising an effective strategy to ensure availability of high standard fuel meeting the requirements of latest model vehicles, while the Ministry of Climate change wanted improved quality diesel to prevent smog factor and air pollution, according to an official document submitted before the Parliament.
Meanwhile, a senior official privy to petroleum sector developments told APP that the government was making all-out efforts to upgrade existing oil refineries and establish new deep conversion facilities for meeting the country’s fuel requirements in a smooth manner.
The official said an unprecedented incentive package was in place for setting up new deep conservation of oil refineries, enabling them to import machinery, vehicles, plants and equipment and other materials.
Elaborating the government efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in oil refining sector, he said, Byco Oil Pakistan Limited (Byco) had established an Oil Refinery at Hub, Balochistan, having capacity to purify 120,000 Barrel Per Day (5 million tons/annum) at a cost of $ 400 million.
Byco has also installed Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) facilities for transportation of imported Crude Oil and petroleum products from ships to the storages tanks. The capacity of said facility is 12 M. tons per annum. - APP