Students face difficulties to adjust to online education system
ISLAMABAD: Students from various academic levels are facing difficulties to adjust to the online education system launched by a number of educational institutions since the onset of Coronavirus lockdown situation across the country to continue their curricular activities.
Educational institutes have started practicing online learning system in a full-fledged manner to bring back students to their regular studies as the evolving coronavirus pandemic did not seem ending soon in the country.
Muhammad Rizwan, a college student, said, “It was very difficult for him to study through online classes as this type of learning was entirely a new concept for him.”
Besides facing difficulty to understand the lectures, he said, “The timing of online classes was also not convenient for him. He was unable to concentrate on the studies due to disruption of internet connection and back to back classes without break”.
Another student of Grade-X, Zunaira Akram said, the administration of his school, run privately, charged full fee from students but compromising on the quality of education being provided online.
Demanding reduction in school fee, she said, “It is hard for their parents to pay full fees in this difficult period of COVID-19 when most of the family members have lost their private jobs. Even she could not afford internet charges these days which is mandatory for pursuing online study, she added”.
Talking to APP, education expert Dr. Pervaiz Hoodbhoy said traditional educational system has been shifted to advance online classrooms due to the Coronavirus lockdown and it is a great challenge for the teachers as well as the students to adjust to this new system. - APP