PHC issues notices to 8 hospitals for overcharging patients
LAHORE: The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has issued notices to eight private hospitals for overcharging COVID-19 patients, as rates of these hospitals were found beyond the frozen charges of February 2020.
According to a Punjab Healthcare Commission spokesperson, six out of eight hospitals are situated in Lahore including Ittefaq Hospital, Fatima Memorial Hospital, Akram Medical Complex, Masood Hospital, Lahore Care Hospital and Avicenna Hospital, whereas the other hospitals are situated in Multan including Bakhtawar Amin Trust and Medicare Hospital. The administrations of these healthcare facilities have been given 24 hours for implementation of the directions, and warned of sealing the premises for non-compliance of the directions.
Moreover, the indoor services and elective surgeries have been suspended in three hospitals including Surgimed Hospital and Sarwet Anver Medical Complex in Lahore and Ahmed Medical Complex in Rawalpindi. However, these hospitals have been directed to continue emergency services and treatment of COVID-19 patients.
As per the notices, the administrators have also been directed to treat COVID-19 patients as per rates of February 2020 and display lists of all charges including per day charges of a room of isolation area, high-dependency units, intensive care units, ventilator services and Injection Actemra (where this service is given) at both in hospital premises and websites.
The PHC spokesperson said that most of private hospitals have responded positively to the directions, issued on June 16 of fixing charges as per the last February. "The PHC teams are continuing inspection of hospitals and taking action over non-compliance of the directions,” he added. - APP