Wildlife Dept gets incubator for hatching of ostrich eggs
PESHAWAR: The Wildlife Department has arranged a new incubator for hatching of ostrich eggs with the objective of introduction of world’s largest bird species in the region.
“We have arranged a new incubator for hatching of eggs of ostrich and the grown up chicks will be kept at different wildlife parks of the province,” said Khan Malook, Divisional Wildlife Officer (DFO) D.I.Khan Division.
Talking with APP, Khan Malook said he has arranged a pair of ostrich at Wildlife Park of D I Khan. The pair is laying eggs and they have decided to improve population of the bird by hatching its eggs through incubator.
Presently, he said ten eggs were kept in the incubator and after getting chicks more eggs would be kept in the machine.
In response to a question about natural breeding of bird, he said according to experience ostrich did not sit on eggs during captivity.
The process of breeding by ostrich is mostly in natural environment and through this process the chicks will also be less in number. - APP