Bangash says anti-dengue steps hunky-dory
Statesman Report
PESHAWAR: Expressing satisfaction over the measures taken by the Local Government Department against dengue, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Local Government Kamran Bangash said that concrete steps have been taken to prevent possible dengue fever in the province since April.
In this regard, instructions have been issued to the Tehsil Municipal Administration and entities working on water and sanitation. He said that the concerned authorities have been directed to immediately eliminate the items including discarded bottles lying within the administrative limits of the Local Government Department.
Kamran added that in addition, instructions have been issued to remove all obstructions regarding rotten pipes and drainage, regular check-ups of water tanks and cleaning of water coolers. So that where there is a possibility of standing water, it should be removed in time.
Kamran Bangash said that wherever there are standing water ponds across the province, they have also been asked to empty them once a week. Shrubs and bushes near buildings or public places which can often be a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes are also being removed.