PM Imran’s ‘confused’ statements on coronavirus prove he is in denial: Shehbaz
Statesman Report
LAHORE: PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that the "confused" statements made by Prime Minister Imran Khan about the coronavirus outbreak show that he is in a state of denial which, he alleged, is leading to a rise in the deaths due to the deadly disease.
“Ministers are making announcements regarding deaths from the coronavirus but the statements from the premier are in total contradiction to those,” Shehbaz said, in a statement Tuesday.
The PML-N president said that the people are paying the price of this "confusion" with their lives.
He said that the opposition has pointed out this state of confusion and demanded a joint-strategy against the coronavirus.
Shehbaz said that this is no time to be "making excuses", rather a time to pull the nation out of the crisis.
“The result of wasting time and a lack of action is now surfacing in the form of citizens’ deaths,” he said.
While cautioning against the virus peaking in July, Shehbaz said that the Council of Common Interests and National Command and Operations Centre should make consolidated decisions.
The opposition leader said that keeping in view the gravity of the situation, emergency planning is the need of the hour.
He urged authorities to ensure that there is a smooth supply of oxygen cylinders, ventilators and medicines to the masses.