Nishter thanks KP govt for providing land for Ehsas Langar Khana
PESHAWAR: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety, Dr Sania Nishter on Thursday thanked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for providing land for Ehsas Silani Langar Khana in Peshawar.
In her tweet, Sania Nishter said she was thankful to KP government and Silani Trust for opening Ehsas Langar Khana in Peshawar under public-private partnership adding around 1200 laborers and passengers would be provided two-time meal in this Langar Khana free of charge.
Nishter said, she along with Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Chief Secretary also had a visit to a center of cash payments through Ehsas Program and arrangements made for the payments were much apposite. In her message she said, she also talked with poor people at the center who seemed quite satisfactory with the payments’ arrangements.
During her talks with the Chief Minister on further improving the partnership between the KP Government and Ehsas Program, she said that she was quite optimistic that this program would be further improved and promoted in the province.
“I was quite happy to see emergency case payments to deserving people in Swabi who had not received messages of payments earlier” she said adding “after proper verification we sent messages to all those remaining poor people and made the payment process more easier for them”.
She said talks were also held with Chief Secretary Dr Kazim Niaz on conducting Ehsas Survey in the province and important decisions were taken in this regard. “I value the efforts of KP government for devising a comprehensive strategy to help out the needy people and assure complete support on behalf of the Federal Government towards this end”, she said. - APP