Solid policy being devised to stabilise wheat, flour prices: Aleem
LAHORE: A solid policy is being formulated to stabilise wheat and flour prices in the market to alleviate the difficulties of a common man.
Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan expressed these views here on Saturday while talking to PTI senior leader Rai Azizullah who called on him to discuss different matters of present political situation.
Aleem Khan said that record procurement of wheat has been implemented in Punjab this year and now far-reaching policies are being introduced in the food sector also. He assured that the province is self-sufficient in wheat and there will be no shortage in this regard.
Abdul Aleem Khan further said that on the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a solid policy is being formulated to stabilize wheat and flour prices in the market so that the common man to face less difficulties.
He said that the PTI government has inherited a myriad of issues including bad governance and heavy debts for which Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team have been working from the first one with clear vision and direction. Although it is facing difficulties in the current national and international situation yet it is working on a solid strategy to build the country on a strong economic foundation soon, Abdul Aleem Khan added.
Khan said that despite all the difficulties, under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the country is on the right track and efforts are being made to solve public problems with the best policies. - TLTP