After POL bomb, LPG rate shoots up as well
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: After the whopping increase in the prices of petrol products on Friday, the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas has also jacked up by Rs5 per kg.
On Saturday, the price of LPG has been increased by Rs 5 per kg, after which the price of the domestic cylinder has been increased by Rs50 and the price of the commercial cylinder by Rs200.
Irfan Khokhar, Chairman, LPG Distributors Association, said that the price of LPG fixed by OGRA for June 2020 at Rs110 per kg is likely to increase further. It seems that government marketing companies are active in defaming the government, he said. He demanded the government to take immediate notice of the increase in LPG prices or else the situation would worsen.
Irfan Khokhar demanded the dissolution of the board of the gas distribution company and said that the non-renewal of the LPG processing agreement with the Jamshoro joint venture JJVL by the said gas supply company was not conducive to the national exchequer.
He said that it will have to bear a loss of about Rs4 billion annually, but the reduction in LPG supply will also justify the increase in LPG prices by marketing companies and the poor consumers living in backward areas will have to buy expensive gas.