Two locust swarms attack countered, arrival of more is anticipated in KP: Official
PESHAWAR: Agriculturists engaged in containing locust attack in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have claimed countering two swarms of the pest in D I Khan district, but are anticipating arrival of more in the province.
“We have effectively countered and killed two swarms of locust in remote areas of D I Khan near Balochistan border,” said Dr Naveed Khan, Deputy Director, Department Plant Protection KP while talking to APP.
A single swarm of locust consists of around 80 million of pest which can only be countered and killed through proper monitoring and targeted midnight operation when the pest is dormant and unable to fly, Dr Naveed added.
Briefing about the measures being taken for stopping locust from damaging crops, Dr Naveed said the strategy adopted in D I Khan proved successful and would be replicated in other districts.
It merits a mention here that the Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had declared emergency on January 30, 2020 in nine southern districts of the province.
The decision was taken to tackle pest infestation after news reports about arrival of locust in bordering areas of KP near Balochistan.
Dr Naveed said so far three swarms of locust entered KP in D I Khan district at Tehsil Daraban while passing through Takht-e-Suleman mountain range of Balochistan province.
Out of three swarms, two were countered and killed while one dispersed which can re-appear in any other area of the province.
He said a swarm of locust is so huge that it is spreads over an area of around four to five kilometers in sky and can consist of population of around 80 million to one billion pests. – APP