83 deaths, 4,072 new coronavirus cases reported across country in 24 hours
Over 92,000 people recover so far
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: At least 83 deaths have been reported while 4,072 new coronavirus cases surfaced during 24 hours across the country.
According to government's health portal, the confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country has reached 196,702. The total number of fatalities due to the disease is 4,118 while recoveries tally is 92,624.
Similarly, 2,805 corona patients are in critical condition while 25,013 tests have been conducted. The total number of tests is 1,239,153.
The highest number of cases have been reported in Sindh with 78, 267 cases followed by Punjab with 74,202 corona patients. Similarly, 25,380 cases surface in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 10,261 in Balochistan, 12,395 in Islamabad, 1,423 Gilgit-Baltistan and 1,027 in Azad Kashmir.
Making a significant count against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) above 92,000 people in Pakistan had so far recovered from the pandemic, official figures said on Sunday.
According to the NCOC data shared, 25,013 tests conducted during last 24 hours and 92,624 people recovered so far across the country making it a significant count.
It also said that total active Covid cases in the country are 106,213 and 502 vents occupied across the country out of 1562 vents allocated for COVID-19.
It also said that a total of 202,955 cases detected so far (AJK 1027, Balochistan 10261, GB 1423, ICT 12395, KP 25380, Punjab 74202, Sindh 78267.
About the details on deaths the data said that 4,118 deaths have occurred including 1243 in Sindh, Punjab 1673, KP 914, ICT 122, Balochistan 114, GB 24 and AJK 28.
It said that 1,239,153 tests have been conducted and 768 hospitals with COVID facilities with 5,342 patients admitted across the country.
The government also provided 189 additional oxygenated beds in Islamabad in a four days’ time span to meet contingency requirements.
Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza in an online meeting informed Regional Director of the World Health Organization Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari that Pakistan was fighting COVID-19 through a robust coordinated national response.
Purpose of the meeting was to discuss Pakistan’s COVID-19 response and explore areas where WHO could provide technical guidance and support to the country.
Speaking about political commitment in Pakistan to fighting the disease, Dr Mirza said this was the highest level of uninterrupted political attention to a health-care issue.
Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the National Coordination Committee with all Provincial Chief Ministers as members, he added.