Locusts resume attacks on crops in district Shikarpur
SHIKARPUR: After an interval of some days, swarms of locusts in millions again attacked crops in various parts of district Shikarpur on Sunday, causing huge loss to farmers and growers.
The locust swarms were also flying over Shikarpur besides devastating the standing crops and green pastures like newly sowed saplings, vegetables, fruits and other crops in several parts of the district. The affected areas were Madeji, Khanpur, Lakhi, Zarkhail, Mian Sahib, Sultankot, Garhiyaseen and its other adjoining localities.
A state of panic and fear prevailed among the farming community of district Shikarpur as they found themselves helpless in pushing away the swarms comprising million in number by adopting local trends like as beating drums and making noise on self-help basis without any support from the agriculture department and other district officials.
Due to the return of locusts, the former community faced a big loss in their fields as the agriculture department and district administration were seemed sleeping. - PPI