Leases, rental contracts of LG properties made online: Bangash
PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has launched first-ever e-Property Management System (ePMS) making all leases and rental contracts of immovable properties of local government online in all tehsils of the province.
Special Assistant to CMKP for Local Government and Rural Development Kamran Bangash talking more about the system said that it was another milestone achieved by PTI government towards good governance and transparency in affairs of the state.
He said that the ePMS process would nullify any ambiguous exercise in the auction process of immovable properties of the local government and the public could see the transparent process online and avail investment opportunities from their homes.
"Moving towards a paperless system, we're proud to introduce a digital system for property auction," he said and added that this would enable the government to facilitate the public by collecting and disseminating rapid and accurate data. - APP