Structural reforms required for effective policing, moot told
KARACHI: A broad set of structural reforms in police department that can bring changes to the lowest rung of the service are required before police can start overhauling its image, speakers at a webinar “Media-Police Saath Saath” argued here in Karachi on Monday.
Communications Research Strategies (CRS), in partnership with 'Police Awam Sath Sath' organized a countrywide network of media, civil society, and academics to generate momentum for police reforms in the country. The initiative 'Police Media Sath Sath' is traveling virtually to major cities like Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and their peripheries.
Diverse range of participants from electronic, print media, digital world, civil society and academia expressed their ideas related to police reform and how these stakeholders can help propel the demand for the same to the policy makers.
Zafarullah Khan, a prominent civic education trainer, was the facilitator of the webinar.
Talking about policing in Karachi, participants from various media groups appreciated many initiatives of modern policing but they also emphasized the need of replication of these models in other parts of the province for sustainable results.
Mechanisms promoting gender balance in policing and cultural traits that prohibit women promotions and incentives were also discussed in detail in the context of Karachi.
A senior documentary filmmaker presented her views about art of storytelling and its significance in the digital age. She criticized the current portrayal of our police characters on TV dramas and big screens and stressed that they should explore the more human side of the characters.
To encourage the sustainability of the network a story writing competition was also announced. Participants were encouraged to become part of this collaborative initiative by producing stories in the competition for digital, electronic and print platforms to create synergy across the board.
CEO Communications Research Strategies, Aniq Zafar, said on the occasion, “The competition was a way to draw the attention of the various stakeholders towards how important role police plays in a modern civilized society and why a reform process would help us build a peaceful society.” - PPI