New CAA guidelines ban protocol for VIPs at airports due to COVID-19
Statesman Report
KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has imposed a ban on giving protocol to the VIPs at airports due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the CAA, the new guidelines will also be applicable on domestic chartered flights, and passengers and staff of private planes. The instructions have been issued at a time when international and domestic flight operations have been resumed throughout the country. Under the new rules, apart from the passengers, no one else will be allowed to proceed further than the parking area. The CAA has tasked airport managers to ensure social distancing is followed.
“Gloves, masks and protective suits will be mandatory,” stated the guideline, adding that planes will be disinfected just before the boarding process begins.
On the other hand, airlines have been tasked to ensure that the passenger's health form is filled before they board the plane. The examination of the passengers is the responsibility of the health ministry.
The authority has also made the disinfecting of the luggage mandatory.
The guidelines have called upon passengers to wear a mask during their flight and in case a passenger shows symptoms of coronavirus, then a complete medical check-up will be done and the affected passenger will be quarantined.
The CAA has also imposed a complete ban on eating in the plane, with passengers being provided with a sanitizer after every 30 minutes. The guidelines will be in effect till August 31.