Amir Tehkaly records statement before judicial magistrate
PESHAWAR: The victim of police torture in Peshawar, Amir Tehkaly on Wednesday appeared before Judicial Magistrate Farooq Khan and recorded his statement on the incident.
While recording his statement, Amir Tehkaly nominated SHO Tehkal Police Station Imran Uddin and police officials Shehryar. He also claimed that 11 other people were also involved in the incident and he can recognize them in an identification parade.
It took Tehkaly three hours to record details of the incident before the Judicial Magistrate.
The government had notified a judicial commission headed by Justice Lal Jan Khattak of the Peshawar High Court to probe into the incident.
The commission will inquire into the case of police torture and humiliation of Radiullah alias Amir of Tehkal in police custody last week. People had protested on social media and later staged street protest after the video of Amir went viral.
According to a notification by the Home and Tribal Affairs Department, the one-member commission will inquire into and determine the root causes and facts of the incident, fix responsibility on the officials concerned, determine institutional lacunae in the system leading to such incidents and make recommendations to avert these happenings in future. The commission will have the powers to summon anyone and require production of any document in the case. It will complete the inquiry within 15 days. - APP