CAA to undergo reforms, pilots with suspected ‘fake’ licences removed: Shibli
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: Information minister Shibli Faraz on Wednesday announced the government's decision of a complete reform of the Civil Aviation Authority and said that the pilots whose credentials had been suspect "have already been removed" from service.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad following a meeting of the federal cabinet, Faraz said that the prime minister "is committed to restoring the optimum functioning of institutions and in inculcating a culture of merit and transparency". The minister said that a thorough review of the qualifications of the staff of all airlines operating within Pakistan will be ensured. "PIA is an organisation that possesses a great history," Faraz said.
The information minister said that currently all pilots authorised to fly planes have had their qualifications checked and are "100% in the clear". "Pilots with fake degrees will be dealt with impartially," he added.
Power projects discussed
Faraz said that in the cabinet meeting, approval for three hydropower projects was given. "The promotion of alternative energy projects was discussed," he said, adding that the removal of any "obstacles" in the way of such projects was also discussed. He said that with the installation of cheap power generation projects, expensive projects will no longer be needed.
Development work in provinces
The minister said that the provincial finance commission was also discussed with the prime minister instructing its activation. "There will be indiscriminate development work in the provinces through the finance commission," Faraz said. According to Radio Pakistan, a committee headed by Federal Minister of Economic Affairs Khusro Bakhtiar will "look into public sector projects to be undertaken on reduced costs and improved quality". The committee will submit its report within 90 days.
'Minus-one' a diversionary tactic
Speaking of the opposition's demand for the premier to step down and for someone else from the PTI to take his place, Faraz said: "The minus-one [formula] is a brainchild of opposition. It is using such tactics to cover up its corruption."