Squash to be relaunched on WSD

ISLAMABAD: As squash courts reopen in many countries following the COVID-19 lockdown, the sport would be relaunched in a dramatic style when World Squash Day (WSD) takes place on October 10.

World Squash Day, endorsed by the World Squash Federation (WSF) and Professional Squash Association (PSA), would once again focus on all the key benefits including the fun and fitness aspects of the game, said a press release issued here.

WSF Chief Executive William Louis-Marie said: “World Squash Day gives the global squash community a spectacular opportunity to come together to reinvigorate the sport and demonstrate the unique values of squash. It becomes natural for the World Squash Federation to be associated to this initiative and put all its communication channels at the service of the WSD activities."

“We all know that squash provides phenomenal health benefits to our players and importantly massive opportunities to our local communities. As the world comes to terms with the effects of the coronavirus, it is important to bring support to every squash club and create a special day of celebration of squash," he said.

At international level, PSA players were being invited to become World Squash Day Ambassadors for their home countries.

PSA Chief Executive Alex Gough said, “World Squash Day provides an ideal platform for the professionals to engage with their home nations and to provide an important link between the grass roots and the pros.

“Every professional started their careers playing in their local clubs and they all know how important it is to grow the game at club level.”

The PSA’s SQUASHTV team would be working in partnership with the WSF and World Squash Day to set up a 24-hour live streaming service on social media as events unfold across different time zones during the day.

World Squash Day founder Alan Thatcher, a tournament promoter and publisher of the Squash Mad website, said, “A handful of nations have already allowed squash courts to reopen and players in other countries can’t wait to join them.

“Hopefully, by October, courts everywhere will be open for business again and we absolutely want to make this the biggest and best World Squash Day in history.

“The coronavirus and childhood obesity are both global epidemics. The difference is that 99 per cent of all childhood obesity cases are avoidable with regular exercise and sensible dieting and a game like squash can lead the way in delivering these messages in an enjoyable way. “Squash is a game for life. Whatever level people play at, they forge lifelong friendships that go hand in hand with lifelong rivalries," he said. - APP