Cop martyred, 9 others injured in encounter near Ubauro

Ubauro: A cop was martyred, while 9 others were injured in an encounter at Rownti area near Ubauro on Friday.

As per details, dacoits had kidnapped two villagers, Muhammad Azeem Solangi and Allah Rakhio Solangi from village Bori two weeks ago. On Friday, a police party of more than 100 cops led by DSP Izhar Lahori entered the forest area of Rownti along with 15 police mobiles and two APC vehicles.

However, near village Umar Shar, the dacoits attacked police APC with rockets. As a result two SHOs and 7 cops sustained injuries. A villager Iqbal Ghunio was also injured in crossfire.

However, an injured cop died while being shifted to hospital and other injured were admitted in local hospitals.

Fresh contingents of police were summoned to chase the bandits. - PPI