Health dept issues SOPs for sacrificial animal markets

LAHORE: Punjab Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) regarding setting up sacrificial animal markets.

P&SHD Secretary M Usman directed to set up animal markets at least two kilometers away from the city at an open place where social distancing could be maintained.

He directed that cattlesheds, administration offices and medical camps in the markets should be airy while separate exit and entry points should be made in cattle markets and limited persons would be allowed to enter the market.

Car parking would be made at an open place and only two persons would be allowed to come in one car to the market while children, the elderly and sick people would not be allowed to enter the market.

The P&SHD secretary said that queue system should be introduced at the entry points and customers would not be allowed to enter the cattlesheds, whereas, visitors would not be allowed to enter the market without mask.

The P&SHD advised the citizens to wear light colour clothes while visiting animal markets so that ticks could be immediately visible.

The Punjab Livestock department would also install a medical camp in every market and in case of any suspected person, inform at Helpline 1033 immediately.

Though, there was no evidence of COVID-19 spread through animals, however, sick animals would be immediately separated from others.

The markets administrations would ensure arrangements against the spread of Congo virus in animals.

The Secretary P&SHD said that food should only be provided to sellers and awareness messages should be displayed at several places in the markets. - APP