Indian busts fake ‘Sri Lankan’ cricket tournament
New Delhi: Indian police are investigating an alleged betting scandal in which a sham cricket tournament was held in an Indian village and passed off as a Twenty20 contest played in Sri Lanka. Players portrayed as Sri Lankan cricketers played two matches on Monday that were broadcast with live commentary on YouTube, media reports said, along with ball-by-ball coverage on top Indian sports websites. The organisers hung Sri Lankan advertisements at the ground for added authenticity and put up tents to block the view from outside the remote rural venue, set in farmland next to a busy highway. Police said they raided the venue in northern India's Sawara village -- thousands of kilometres (miles) from Sri Lanka -- after receiving a tip-off that the matches were being used for betting. They added that two people were arrested on charges of fraud and gambling -- which is mostly illegal in India. The organisers and players are being sought. - AFP soNormal>  $mJ�.Q :�.0��?��z��v�f:r�"��!4���_ u��1l�]*�6�m