Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire primary
WASHINGTON: Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders narrowly won the New Hampshire vote on Tuesday, establishing his position as the candidate of choice of the progressive wing of the Democratic party. The vote was mostly split between Pete Buttigieg, who came a close second, followed by moderate Amy Klobuchar.
Both former Vice-President Joseph R. Biden and progressive Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren had a bad night.
Sanders got 25.8% of the vote followed by MrButtigieg, 38, at 24.4% with 89% of the vote counted. Each of these candidates had won 9 delegates (officials who will vote for them in the nominating convention in August). Ms. Klobuchar was at 19.8%. Ms Warren, who came in at 9.3%, and Biden, who won 8.4% of the vote, failed to secure any delegates.
“Let me say tonight, that this victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump,” Sanders told jubilant supporters on Tuesday night. Sanders offered his “appreciation” and “respect” for his fellow Democrat candidates and said Democrats would unite together to defeat Trump.
Sanders, who at 78, who is more than twice Buttigieg’s age (38), said he was putting together a “ multi-generational, multi-racial, political movement.” He also made a veiled reference to Buttigieg accepting contribution from wealthy donors.
Speaking to his supporters at the end of the day, Buttigieg made a pointed reference to independents and “newly former Republicans”, a term he has used before. – Agencies