ATC adjourns hearing in Rawal lake poison mixing case till July 15
ISLAMABAD: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Islamabad on Monday adjourned the hearing till July 15 in third and last case being tried against three accused for mixing poison in Rawal lake for catching fishes. Accused Jahangir Abbasi and two others had been acquitted in two cases of the same nature by the same court of Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan.
During the hearing the prosecution pleaded the court that witnesses summoned for the day were unable to attend court proceedings due to certain reasons and pleaded for adjournment. The court accepted the request and adjourned the hearing till July 15 and also summoned the witnesses for the day. It is worth mentioning that secretariat police had registered three FIRs against the accused Jahangir Ahmed Abbasi and two others, allegedly involved in catching fish after mixing poison into the Rawal Lake water. An FIR was registered on behalf of the contractor of fishing of Rawal Lake in which the accused had been acquitted by by the same court. Such case was being tried in one of two other FIRs registered on behalf of fisheries department under the terrorism clauses. The accused had also been acquitted by the court in one of these two FIRs. - APP