Despite witnessing decline in 2019-20, Dawood lauds exporters
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood has lauded exporters, despite decline in exports witnessed in 2019-20.
“I want to congratulate all our exporters on the good performance in 2019-20, in spite of the very challenging situation caused by Covid-19,” said Dawood in a tweet post on Tuesday.
The SAPM highlighted that Pakistan exports declined by 6 percent as compared to 2018-19, meanwhile the regional countries fare worse than Pakistan, with Bangladesh witnessing exports decline by 17pc and arch-rival India facing export plunge of 14pc.
“This good performance was also due to the timely lifting of the lockdown and the good coordination between Federal and Provincial agencies at the daily meetings of NCOC,” said Dawood. “Our exporters deserver every praise for their effort, hard work, and reaching out to our customers,” he added.
Earlier, Dawood has said that despite lockdowns measures implemented in order to control the spread of coronavirus, Pakistan’s exports have ‘successfully bounced back.’
“At height of lockdown, I was expecting much worse export results but we have successfully bounced back. I would like to congratulate all our respected exporters for their efforts,” said Dawood in a series of tweets.
The advisor informed that in the coming days the ministry will meet to strategize how to recover fully, continue the momentum, and expand our exports with new products and more geographical diversification. “Overall declining trend in exports, due to COVID, has been arrested,” he claimed.