Workers’ remittances post 9.3% increase in January
ISLAMABAD: Remittances dispatched by Pakistani diaspora working abroad during January, 2020 witnessed an increase of 9.3 percent over remittances received during corresponding month (January) of the year 2019.
According to a press release issued by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), remittances increased by US $163.2 million to $1.91 billion in January this year from $1.744 billion during January 2019.
On cumulative basis, the workers’ remittances received during Jul-Jan FY20 amounted to $13.3 billion recording an increase of $528.1 million or 4.1 percent over remittances received during Jul-Jan FY19 (US $ 12.774 billion).
During January 2020, larger amounts of Workers’ Remittances received from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and UK with $ 433.4 million, $395.5 million, $335.1 million and $299.1 million respectively. – APP